Wednesday, 31 January 2007

New discoveries at Stonehenge

Information about major new discoveries at Stonehenge have just been released. The largest late Neolithic settlement site in mainland Britain has been discovered at Durrington Walls. It is clearly an important site, though as usual it will be interesting to see what has actually been found, rather than simply relying on often feverish speculation by the media. Interim reports of previous season's works can be downloaded here:

Details of the latest announcement can be found on the BBC News website:

You can also find further information from the website of the National Geographic, who have partly funded the excavations.

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Stagestruckgal said...

This is really interesting. It was a good idea to set it up, loads of people can access the information now. Just means less work for us, trawling the internet! Does this mean we can site this blogspot as an information centre in our essays? I'm guessing not but just thought I would ask. :)